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Weekly Update: Buswell Biomedical INC.

These updates seem to come weekly now, so I wanted to provide some updates from the last week. A lot is going on for Buswell Biomedical INC.

1. Prototype Progress: The prototype build has made significant progress and is starting to resemble Jermaine Sims' mechanical model design. I had a knee injury that paused our work for a few days, but we plan to resume today with a few minor modifications.

  1. Startup World Cup Pitch: Tech STL sent me a video of the pitch I did for the Startup World Cup. I have emailed it out and will link it here as well.

2. Podcast Releases: The podcast "Queens of Tech" has been released, and I will include the link here. Additionally, I recorded two more podcasts: one called “Joy Found Here” and the other called “All Up In My Lady Business.”

3. Enterprise Bank and Trust Display: Last Saturday, I set up a display at Enterprise Bank and Trust's Chippewa location. They will be highlighting Buswell Biomedical throughout the month of June.

Link to Pitch Video:

Link to Queens of Tech podcast:

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