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May 9th Update from Buswell Biomedical 4 the Advisory Board

Dear Advisory Board Members,

I hope this message finds you well. Although it's only the beginning of May, I'm excited to share some significant updates from Buswell Biomedical with you.

  1. Prototype Progress: Gregg and I recently picked up the prototype parts that were welded and machined. With all the necessary components now in hand, we'll be moving forward with assembly over the next week.

2. Feature on BizBlip: We're thrilled to announce that Buswell Biomedical was featured on BizBlip for landing a key patent for our rehabilitation mobility technology. The article highlights our commitment to innovation and our efforts to protect our intellectual property. You can read the full article [here:  

Medical device startup lands key patent

Posted by Kevin Gitau - bizblip AI News Technician | May 6, 2024 | News : Premium | 0

Medical device startup lands key patent

Buswell Biomedical has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its rehabilitation mobility technology. The patent, which was issued after an extended review process, is a critical step in protecting the company’s intellectual property and securing its competitive edge in the market.

Sheila Buswell, CEO Buswell Biomedical

This “puts a moat around our technology so that our whole business is the control system, the secret sauce,” CEO Sheila Buswell told bizblip. She emphasized that securing the patent is the first step in a broader strategy to create a formidable barrier to entry for potential competitors.

Buswell Biomedical was founded in April 2019, and is headquartered in St. Louis Missouri. The young company is revolutionizing healthcare with its Upward Mobility (UPMO) device. Using advanced AI and sensor technology, the UPMO empowers rehabilitation patients to safely engage in independent activities, reducing the risk of falling, lawsuits and optimizing healthcare tasks.

The company’s innovative approach to mobility, which Buswell describes as the “secret sauce” to its growth, sets it apart in the marketplace. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Buswell Biomedical aims to provide patients with an unparalleled level of independence and safety during their rehabilitation journey.

Buswell Biomedical has raised approximately $25,000 through grants and pitch competitions. However, the company has largely been self-funded. The startup is part of the 2023 InvestMidwest cohort, as well as a past participant in bizblip’s Pitches Get Stitches competition.


3. Tech STL World Cup: I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who voted or rallied votes for Buswell Biomedical in the Tech STL World Cup voting. While the final results are yet to be determined, our participation has significantly increased our visibility. One of my LinkedIn posts even garnered 1.5K views, showcasing the support and interest in our work.

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to Buswell Biomedical. I look forward to updating you further as we continue to progress.

Best regards,

Sheila Buswell

CEO, Co - Founder,

Buswell Biomedical

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