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Buswell Biomedical September Update

Buswell Biomedical’s website had a 31% increase in Google hits that SEO is working. Last month was the first month I used the monthly newsletter to drive SEO and the results were drastic.Unless this is an issue I will continue to send monthly updates in this mode. If you have a problem with this mode please reach out to me individually.

A quarterly meeting was not held over the summer as I was ill, lost my voice and got busy. Well after setting October 18, 7PM as the time, I came down with pneumonia and have a sketchy voice. I will record this meeting and distribute it later if this time/date doesn’t work. Please join on the ZOOM meeting (occasionally google meet appears and it is not that meeting). If my voice is still wonky(the Doctors told me a month) Gregg Buswell will do the talking. I am hoping to be back to normal by then!

I was named the Health & Wellness professional of the year for 2023 by the Rosie Network. Laurie Alberswerth and myself sat went though the entire ceremony last year. Learning only then that the winners were pre-recorded. This year the time of the ceremony came and I was busy and I thought of last year. I didn’t even attend the Ceremony and I won!! They spell my name wrong but whatever! I won!!

My Book “Is This Seat For Me? Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Everyday Life and Business” was selected by Bunker labs to be in the Holiday Shopping Book/Guide.

Two Podcasts I did were released this month!

Spotify Link to Imposter Syndrome Files-

You Tube Link to to Mind for Success Podcast

I pitched to Venture Capitalist a great deal in September. I pitched to 7/8. I was told by Borex Capital in NYC that they don’t touch anything under 5 Million Dollars. They requested that we stay in touch and they do have interest but at this time they and we are not ready to move forward. I am continuing to put myself “out there” but this was the warmest lead to date.

The technical team consisting of Jermaine Sims (Lead Engineer) and Gregg Buswell(Chief Technology Officer) has been meeting for design reviews and will be ready with the first mechanical design of the Upward Mobility to be presented during the meeting next month. This design will be purely mechanical and not have the control system incorporated.

Laurie Alberswerth Released the second book in the mystery series. Please check it out!!

I am glad to see the cooler weather it is a welcome site but the 4th Quarter of 2023 snuck up on me. Although Fall is my favorite time of year, It seems strange to me that it is that time again.

We recently moved into a new neighborhood and walking around the block a new neighbor has their Christmas Tree out!

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