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Buswell Biomedical November News

Buswell Biomedical had hoped to finish the Upward Mobility (UPMO) prototype by the

end of this year, but there's a delay. Now, our goal is to have it fully done by February of next year.

Even though our plans hit a snag, we're learning from the experience. I recently did an interview on the Think Big with Dan and Qasim podcast. Normally, it's a 30-minute show, but my interview got shortened to 20 minutes. This makes me unsure if the episode will be released. We'll find out when there's an announcement.

On a positive note, the Small Business Talk with Cathy Smith podcast, recorded over the summer, is out now. It was carefully edited to sound great. It shows the effort put into making something that not only sounds good but captures the essence of the discussions.

These podcast experiences show how unpredictable business can be. They teach us to be adaptable and resilient, important qualities when chasing innovation.

Dealing with unexpected situations, Buswell Biomedical is learning to balance patience and progress. The delay in the UPMO prototype makes us rethink our plans, understanding that innovation has its own timeline. The podcast interviews, despite being in different states(or countries), remind us that the journey is as important as the destination. The lessons we're learning and the stories we're sharing contribute to Buswell Biomedical's evolving journey towards innovation and success.

Looking ahead, we have a "Gener8tor" interview on Friday in Kansas City. They're a highly ranked accelerator investing in high-growth startups. They only invest in a few companies per program, offering a concierge experience. It's competitive, but they reached out to me for the meeting, which is promising.

Alien TT is exploring a partnership with Buswell Biomedical for an STTR grant with Saint Louis University. It's still under investigation, and no agreement has been reached.

As we aim for accomplishments in 2024 and reflect on what we achieved in 2023, I'm thankful for our progress, even though the pace sometimes frustrates me.

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