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Buswell Biomedical Monthly Update: March Recap & April Outlook

March has been incredibly busy for us. We've successfully submitted the SBIR grant to the NIH, with support from Alien Technology Transfer and in collaboration with Saint Louis University. While we eagerly await news, the earliest we anticipate hearing back is mid-May, though it may be later. While our application is competitive, winning such a grant on the first attempt is difficult but we are prepared for a second application.

In preparation for the next phase of development, we've ordered parts for welding and machining from Kendal Manufacturing, along with purchased parts from McMaster-Carr. With these components, we're gearing up to assemble the full-sized mechanical prototype of Upward Mobility in April.

On the publicity front, March saw me participating in three podcast interviews, set for release in April. I had the pleasure of joining Bold Women In Business, The Queens of Tech, and the Midlife Re-Invention podcasts.

In other news, Jermaine Sims has transitioned from Lead Engineer to a valued investor. We're grateful for his contributions, especially in completing the initial mechanical design of Upward Mobility.

Looking ahead, I'm thrilled to announce my speaking engagement at STLTech Week on April 12th at Tech Artists in University City. From 2:00 to 2:30 pm, I'll be addressing the topic of 'Not Fearing AI,' exploring common fears surrounding Artificial Intelligence and highlighting its everyday benefits.

After assembling Upward Mobility, we'll actively seek feedback from healthcare workers on its speed and aim to secure buy-in from Hospital Purchasing Groups and Insurance Companies. Their insights are invaluable as we continue to test and refine our product."

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