Rehabilitation is a tough journey for the patient.

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Rehabilitation is a tough journey for the patient.

With the Upward Mobility™ (UPMO™) and the Smart Harness™ devices from Buswell Biomedical, outcomes can be improved due to the use of Artificial Intelligence embedded in the devices.

Remove a patient’s fear of falling. Increase confidence.

Change an “I can’t” to an "I did.”


We are developing an algorithm and Buswell Biomedical needs YOU.

Activity can keep you healthy longer because it can:

  • Promote bone, muscle, and joint health.

  • Reduce your risk of diabetes, colon cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease.

  • Reduce your blood pressure and stress.  Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Manage chronic diabetes and arthritis by improving stamina and muscle strength and by reducing joint swelling and pain.

  • Improve balance, reducing the risk of serious falls.