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Buswell Biomedical Monthly Update

Dear colleagues and supporters,

As I have been sending updates throughout the month, this newsletter will be brief but will highlight a few important developments.

Mechanical Prototype Assembly We are excited to announce that the mechanical prototype of the Upward Mobility (UPMO) is currently being assembled. I will continue to send out updates and photos to keep you informed of our progress.

Logo and Trademark The logo for Upward Mobility has been officially released, and we are in the process of seeking trademark protection for it. This is a significant step in solidifying our brand identity.

Enterprise Bank and Trust Feature Enterprise Bank and Trust will be highlighting Buswell Biomedical at their Chippewa location. They will display information about the technology behind Upward Mobility (UPMO). Once the display is set up, I will share photos with you.

Podcast Interview I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jasmine Moradi on the Queens of Tech Podcast. During the interview, I spoke about Buswell Biomedical and also mentioned my book, Is This Seat For Me?, which was released last year. The podcast was released this week and is available for you to listen to.

Pitch at Tech STL’s AI/ML Start-Up World Cup I recently pitched at Tech STL’s AI/ML Start-Up World Cup competition. While I  did not win  the results of the competition were interesting, my pitch was recorded and I will share the recording as soon as I receive it.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement with Buswell Biomedical. I look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.

Best regards,

Sheila BuswellCo-Founder and CEO, Buswell Biomedical

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